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Avant Rent a Car delivers an excellent selection of recent models for you car rentals in Cancun and Riviera Maya. Featuring: Economy, Compact, Medium, Small, Luxury & Sports Cars, Convertibles, Minivans, Off-Road.

Listed below, you’ll find all our vehicles available in Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Riviera Maya:

Note: Rates & Promos available all through the year, except Holy Week, Summer Vacations, Christmas and New Year's. Rates also may be subject to change without previous notice. Our rates are competitive, and our customer service is excellent.

All Mini Mid Full Sport SUV Van



Our insurance provides you with full coverage protection. You will not need to spend on any additional coverage. INCLUDES EPC (Extended Protection Coverage) with ZERO deductible or franchise for drivers aged over 25.


  • *CDW: Collision Damage Waiver , covers any type of damages to rented vehicle on accident or collision.
  • *LDW: Loss Damage Waiver, covers theft of rented vehicle.
  • *PLI: Liability and third parties damages on properties or persons caused with rented vehicle
  • *ALI/RC: Additional liability Insurance/Civil responsibility coverage, complying with the new coverage requirements issued by Highway Mexican Law, article 62 issued on 2004.
  • *PAI: Personal accident insurance, covering medical expenses for passengers of rented vehicle in case of accident.
  • *Legal Assistance for customers in case of accident involving violation of any law.

Daily Fee:

  • $10.00 US Dlls for compact cars

  • $15.00 US Dlls for medium size cars and jeeps
$25.00 US Dlls for SUVs and Vans
  • $35.00 US Dlls for Lux cars and Full size Vans

Signing on this insurance is requiered on any Avant car rental.


These rates are in US Dollars and include rental and unlimited mileage.

TAXES: Federal tax IVA of a 16% must be paid over the total amount of your rental.

Prices of the above rates subject to change without notice.

Please, check our Avant car rental policies.