Reservations for Avant Car Rental in Cancun, Playa del Carmen or the Riviera Maya.

PLEASE NOTE: Reservations may not be attended with the exact requested model. In such case a similar or higher category vehicle will be provided at the same quoted rate.

If you require an Avant Car Rental in Cancun, Playa Del Carmen or the Riviera Maya, please fill out the following reservation form. Fields marked with a (*) are required. This information is needed on your Avant Car Rental Agreement, and filling it out online will be helpful and save you time when you pick up your vehicle.

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We can register 2 authorized drivers in rental agreement at NO extra cost for you. If you need to add somebody to drive rented vehicle please request it here. He/She will need to a present a valid driver’s license at rental moment.
GPS Navigator Unit:
Will help you find your way arround. Helpful when driving into cities and urban zones. Voice available in all mayor languages. Daily fee $ 5.50 US Dlls per day.
Infant and child seats:
Provided at no extra cost on 7 + day rentals. Please specify age and weight of child in the comments section below to provide you with the adequate one.

If you have any comments or additional request, please, write it down here.

Availability and conditions may apply

From USA & Canada 1 888 60 AVANT or 1 888 60 28268From Mexico 01800 822 82 90Nextel +52 998 112 48 26 Pin 62*13*20776